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Watch out, it’s an update

No, I’m not going to explain how to make qemupuppy run. If you need help to make qemupuppy work look for it in the interwebz. I’m also not going to recommend qemupuppy either since it is not a Free OS. If you want a Free OS that runs from a prendrive try FUSBi.

Since my last post a lot of things have changed: I have lost most of my patience (probably all of it) and I decided I won’t be publishing any more tutorials that can be found somewhere else on the web. I also migrated to a 100% free GNU distro: gNewSense (but I am, of course, using KDE). Before gNewSense I was using Debian Lenny, but gave up on it when I discovered that some people were making Debian go against its own DFSG. I’m happy to say that not all the people wanted that, but apparently the ones trying to use the Social Contract and the DFSG as toilet paper (yet again) were the majority.

Now, why did I decide to break the silence and come up with an update after all this time?

I’m sure that by now you can tell this is going be a [long] rant. So… here be tigers:


I want to talk about peer pressure. I have seen a lot of people getting bent by peer pressure to use nonfree software and that makes me angry at the peer preassurers and the peer pressurees but mostly at the latter, because it’s their mental weakness which makes peer pressure so effective with them. I have seen people installing Adobe Flash because they have been told that they __have__to__ watch this or that flash video which refuses to work with swfdec; instead of being strong and not letting their will be broken, they go against their ideals because some people tell them they are stupid and freetarded. Flash video is a horrible format and unless we fight it back it will continue being massively used. People are not aware that their conformism regarding this format doesn’t allow them to see the big picture, that unless someone breaks this vicious circle things are never going to change.

The same thing can be said about Sun’s Java (as opposed to IcedTea), AIM/Windows Live Messenger, Google, Launchpad or Linux (yes, the vanilla Linux kernel is non free, I’m sorry to tell you). Unless more people take action against this, we will only see an increase in the usage of nonfree apps/services.


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