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The UTUTO XS Lemote project begins!

This is a quick translation I made of the article that appeared in Ututo’s site:
Thanks to ethana2 for proofreading it.

Some time ago we started toying with the idea of porting our operating system to the new Lemote Yeelong
This computer is characterized by having a completely free hardware design and by not needing any nonfree software components to work.

Unlike other computers we know, it doesn’t use a processor made by the most known companies.
The Lemote company uses a processor developed completely in China, named Loongson. It has a MIPS architecture.

In UTUTO XS, we have had a tradition of development and advocacy of free software for more than 6 years. As the UTUTO project, we thought it would be important to support this hardware starting with version 2010. This would help the spreading of free software and also it would be another choice of operating system for the Lemote computers.

Richard Stallman talked to us about the possibility of getting some Lemote computers as a donation for this project and he put us in contact with the Lemote company in China.

A couple of days later Lemote sent us the Yeelong computers and thanked us for our intention of porting our operating system.

This initiative has the support of institutions that advocate free software and free knowledge.

Among them we can mention:

— Dr. Richard Stallman (father of the free software movement).
— Lemote (Jiangsu Lemote Tech. Co. Ltd, China)
— Free Software Foundation (US)
— Solar (Software Libre Argentina)
— Fundación Instituto de Innovación para el Bienestar Ciudadano (Spain)
— Misol (Misiones Software Libre, Argentina)
— Hipatia (Free Knowledge)
— Asociación de Software Libre de Ecuador (ASLE)
— Fundación Red Especial España

This initiative is the beginning of the project that we internally codenamed “UTUTO XS Lemote”.
The idea is to have an XS system for these computers along with the corresponding updated package repository, just like with the versions for other processors

We think this is an important opportunity to learn and to face the challenge of creating a complete and functional system that would have the user at the core.

Here [0] you can see some pictures of the computers that we’ve got and also how we started the creation of the boot loader of the operating system and the compilation of a basic user system. For the time being we only have a text command line.

We thank all the people who support this project and we will keep you informed with the news on the development of “UTUTO XS Lemote”.



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