Aloha. I’m known in the GNU/Linux community as Leo Rockway. I’m a translator, not a programmer or anything like that, but I like experimenting with computers and doing some amateurish programming every once in a while.

I like swimming and skiing, but not soccer (I feel it necessary to explain that because soccer is the most widespread sport where I live). I also like Graphic Design –photo retouching, (which I do in GIMP/Krita, not in Photoshop, of course), 3D modeling / animation (Blender \o/), etc.

If you have a certain question you feel like asking me, you can email me. I won’t be publishing my address here, though: if you really have the urge to email me, then it shouldn’t be too hard for you to get a hold of my email address, otherwise just send me a message through here.

Just another comment I feel like adding: My native language is Spanish and I’ve been asked more than once to publish this blog in Spanish and I don’t see that happening. My main idea with this blog is to help other people in their way through GNU/Linux (aka: happy hacking). English is more spoken than Spanish (not natively, of course). English is nowadays the de facto lingua franca and for that reason I stick to my main idea of publishing in English (but that doesn’t mean the comments need to be in English, I could also answer those in Spanish, Portuguese, French and, to some extent, German). I’m also learning Esperanto, which should replace English because it’s a better language.

And yeah, I tend to be 1337ish, and I’m proud of that. I don’t mind helping noobs if they really want to learn, but if you only want to copy paste commands blindly then you’re bound to hear from me one or more of the following phrases: RTFM, STFW, JUST FSCKING SCROOGLE IT, # rm -rf /… That last one is particularly nasty.

Well, I hope you enjoy my blog… and happy hacking!

PS: The contents of this blog are CC by sa, unless specified otherwise.



  1. tonyb said

    Raising elephants is so utterly boring
    Alt-SysRq: R E I S U B
    Is that what your name is a reference to ?

  2. leorockway said

    @tonyb: that’s exactly what it is… the famous Magic SysRq Key : )

  3. Pmaz said

    Hey im wondering if i can get some help setting up my wifi on my netbook using a bcm43xx driver, with slax

  4. leorockway said

    @Pmaz: I’m sorry, but that post got deleted and I clearly explained why.

    Edit: there’s a new post that explains how to make some Broadcom cards work with free software.

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