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Photo blogs were (or are, who knows how long fads last) very popular in my country. They were so popular that photo blog users formed some kind of urban tribe and they gathered in a local shopping mall to do… nothing. I guess they took pictures… One thing’s for sure, they had very dubious fashion tastes. So my friend Marcolandia decided it was about time there was a free software solution for these poor and tormented souls: this article is not about floggers (short for photo blogger) but about this new GNU AGPLv3 photo blogging software.

I’m definitely not a flogger, but I had to try my friend’s software and I have to say that it’s really impressive. I could post a screenshot of my photoblog in my new photoblog, but I’m not up for recursion today. You can visit my photoblog or you can download the software and try it out: TontoFlog. (It will soon be uploaded as a savannah project)

It’s only in Spanish for now, but I’ll work on a translation as soon as Marcolandia puts the strings all together so TontoFlog stays modular.


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